Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Do You Need Boat Insurance in Texas?

There are plenty of opportunities for boating in the state, with a large amount of inland water. However, boating does come with risks. The state doesn’t require any minimum levels of boat insurance, but it’s still a good idea to have coverage. The risks you face in a boat are similar to those you face when you are in a car. You have car insurance, so why wouldn’t you have boat insurance? Your home coverage does extend to boat damage, but home policies usually only cover boat damage to a very limited extent. There are also limited scenarios, and not every scenario where your boat can be damaged can have coverage. There is also no liability coverage for your boat. You don’t want to rely on your home insurance in order to protect every boating risk you have. Specific boat insurance will cover a broader range of boating risks.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Boat Insurance in Texas

When getting boat insurance, there are some things you need to think about the ultimate level of protection. Hail damage can be a big concern in the state, so you want to make sure that your policy covers damages from these storms. Make sure equipment and electronics are covered in case lightning strikes. There could be navigation limits, so check to make sure you are covered if you want to use your vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Tornados are common in the state, so it’s best to check with your agent at Texas Independent Insurance in Allen, TX to make sure you are covered in the event of a tornado. Bass boats should have customized coverage due to the high value of the navigating and fishing equipment on board. High-speed boats may be at greater risk so that these boats can be subject to different underlying guidelines.

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