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What is a Flood Map?

Flood insurance is not a requirement by law for Allen, TX homeowners, though a lender can require you to obtain a policy. This is true, particularly if they are government-backed. In addition, many people decide to purchase this type of indemnification for the protection it can offer in the event of a flood. Texas Independent Insurance is here to help. 

Flood Insurance & Flood Mapping

Flood insurance is not specifically offered through homeowners or other property insurance and is a separate product. You can determine your specific risk of a flood event by looking at a flood map. These are created by FEMA and are updated every couple of years, and this is done to give current information, as topological features can change. 

New housing developments alter water pathways, as clearing, excavation and drainage can affect the landscape.  Climate change is also a recurring event that can create rising waters in various parts of the country, in addition to heavier rainfall and the potential for flash flooding. 

The flood map resource gives residents information regarding the boundaries of the flood plane in their community and the elevations. Your Texas Independent Insurance agent can provide you with more specific details about your Allen, TX location.

The data contained in the flood map helps to determine the premiums you will pay and the likelihood and severity of a flood. Floods can be the result of wet weather streams, overflowed gullies, roadside ditches, and rivers or creeks that rise during heavy rains.

The particular features of your environment can play a factor as well, and the map takes all this into consideration. A city street on a hill that fails to drain properly will have different effects than dry country ground or marshland that does not perk properly. 

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Will flood insurance cover damage to the foundation of my home?

Your house’s foundation is the structural foundation of your home. Your home sits on top of your foundation. However, as time goes on, your foundation may crack and settle. Other things may also happen that affect the structural integrity of your home. Flooding is a natural disaster that can severely compromise your home’s foundation. Our  Allen, TX team of licensed and experienced agents at Texas Independent Insurance can help homeowners answer questions regarding their foundation in relation to flood damage.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance has the ability to create peace of mind because it covers a broad scope of different things. For example, flood insurance covers damage to your personal belongings, furniture, carpeting, cabinetry, electrical and plumbing systems, and much more. Best yet, flood insurance covers damage to your home’s foundation if the damage resulted from a flood. Homeowners should make a distinction between a foundation that’s been compromised due to flooding and one that’s sustained damage from age, wear and tear, and gradual settling. A flood insurance policy will only cover a foundation that was damaged as a direct result of a flood. 

Flood Insurance and Your Foundation

Fortunately, flood insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of your foundation if your foundation sustains significant water damage from a flood. A standard homeowners policy doesn’t provide this type of coverage for damage caused by flooding. This is one reason why people who live in flood zones opt to purchase flood insurance.

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If you’re a homeowner who has questions about flood damage coverage, give us a call at Texas Independent Insurance. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions. Our Allen, TX team is committed to educating homeowners on the benefits of flood insurance. 

3 Benefits of Flood Insurance

Just because floods haven’t hit your home, it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter floods in the future. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the US. Unfortunately, your typical home or business insurance doesn’t cover floods. For this reason, you need a flood insurance policy from Texas Independent Insurance in Allen, TX. This way, you will reap the below benefits.

Protection of your assets

It has taken you a lot of time and resources to put up your home. Unfortunately, floods can bring down what you have worked so hard to build in a matter of minutes! Thankfully, you can purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect your house up to $250,000. However, you can increase your coverage by purchasing flood insurance through private carriers.

Similarly, flood insurance protects your assets like clothing, electronics, and furniture from floods. With flood insurance, you don’t have to start from scratch whenever floods strike in your area.

Protection of your loved ones

Your home is a safe haven for you, your loved ones, and your pets. But can you imagine what would happen if floods destroyed the place your dear ones call home? Your loved ones can be rendered homeless by floods, but when you have flood insurance, your house will be repaired, restoring your home.

It gives peace of mind

Since weather can be unpredictable, floods can strike anywhere and anytime. If you are worried that a storm will come and destroy everything you have worked so hard to build, you need to invest in flood insurance. Flood insurance gives you the comfort that your home will be repaired or rebuilt when floods strike.

Buy flood insurance today in Allen, TX!

You don’t have to live within a coastline to experience floods. If it rains in your area, flash floods can occur anytime. So, instead of doing nothing by hoping that floods won’t strike, you better invest in a flood insurance policy from Texas Independent Insurance to keep you safe from floods.

Let’s Talk About Flood Insurance

Due to heavy rains and pounding thunderstorms, Texas is never a stranger to floods. Floods are unpredictable, and when they do strike, they result in property damage and even loss of lives. Given the imminent danger of floods, you need to protect your home with flood insurance to avoid financial turmoil. And if you are not familiar with flood insurance, hang on as Texas Independent Insurance of Allen, TX shares insight on this little-known insurance coverage.

What is flood insurance?

Flood insurance covers your home or business when water damages your property and other assets. While flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you can purchase flood insurance through a private insurance company. To note, however, is that typical flood insurance takes effect after 30 days. So, if you are purchasing flood insurance, keep the grace period in mind.

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance covers your building and contents inside. The building property coverage covers the below:

  • The building’s foundation, floor, walls, and the roof
  • The electrical and plumbing system
  • Air condition
  • Permanent fixtures like cabinets, carpets, and paneling

The contents property coverage covers furniture, clothing, electronics, curtains, washing machines, and other personal assets. 

It would be best if you had flood insurance even when not near a water body

The truth is that the risk of flood damage is high if your home is located near water. However, floods can still affect houses located far away from the water. According to FEMA, approximately 20% of flood insurance claims are made by people with homes in moderate-to-low-risk areas.

Disaster assistance isn’t always available.

Most people don’t consider buying flood insurance because they depend on federal assistance. This trend could cost you financially because not every flooded area is regarded as a federal disaster area. And even when the grant is given, it’s in the form of a loan that you are expected to pay back. 

Buy flood insurance today!

No one knows when floods will strike. And because home insurance doesn’t cover your Allen, TX home against flood damage, purchase a stand-alone flood insurance coverage from Texas Independent Insurance for peace of mind.

Variables Texas Residents Should Consider While Researching Flood Insurance Policies

 Texas Independent Insurance serves the Allen, TX community, and the surrounding areas by offering multiple types of insurance policies. We are focused on providing excellent customer service to our clients and finding the insurance policies they need to protect what matters most. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency.

Flood Insurance Variables To Consider

Texas is known for having severe weather during different seasons. Natural disasters are common, and they have the potential to cause lots of flood damage. As an Allen, TX resident, it’s important that you consider the benefits of flood insurance. The policy covers your property and your personal items if they are damaged due to flooding. The policy also covers any damages caused by mudflow and debris as a result of flooding. While you are researching different flood insurance policies, think about some of these important variables.

Flood insurance covers your utilities if they are damaged. However, you may consider moving your machinery and utilities to a nearby closet to prevent them from being damaged. Also, be aware that if you make any renovations to your home, you will have to amend your policy to protect those items if damaged because of a flood. You will also have to amend your policy if you have any luxury items in your home, such as rare paintings or fur.

You may need different coverage based on the type of home that you have. If you don’t have a basement or crawlspaces, you may need different coverage than a traditional policy. The policy may also differ based on the number of floods that your home has.

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