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Why Home Practice Doctors Need Umbrella Policies

If you run a doctor’s office from your Allen, TX, home, you need insurance that keeps you safe. Umbrella policies are something we can provide at Texas Independent Insurance. If you’re curious about how this extra liability protection can help you, read on to learn more about how it works.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance 

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability policy that comes into play when your basic liability coverage maxes out. As a doctor, that type of extra protection is critical, especially if you work out of your home and have no other support. Here are four reasons why it’s such a wise investment for you:

  • Extra Liability: As a doctor, you need excellent liability protection to stay safe. Umbrella insurance will protect you if your patients get injured and will keep you open and protected. 
  • Stronger Protection Levels: Working as a private doctor might seem fun at first, but it can be scary if you get sued. With umbrella insurance, you get hospital-level protection to keep you safe.
  • Reduced Lawsuit Risks: Malpractice as a private practitioner can be a costly proposition. However, umbrella policies can help provide extra coverage for your needs.
  • More robust Marketing Opportunities: You can use your umbrella policy as a marketing tool by highlighting the extra steps you take to protect your patients when they visit you.

These advantages make umbrella policies an excellent choice for physicians. You can typically find them from your current business insurance provider. Often, they can add an umbrella policy as a rider to your current option or as an extra overall coverage type for your home business.

Get the Help You Need

At Texas Independent Insurance, we can help you find umbrella insurance for your Allen, TX, doctor’s office. We’ll discuss your options, highlight the many benefits of these policy types, and ensure you feel comfortable with your offerings. It’s our goal to provide you with the help that you need.

Preparing for a Hurricane: Real Estate Investing Tips on the Coast

Many coastal towns in Texas experience frequent hurricanes. This might happen annually or even multiple times in a year. Texas Independent Insurance in Allen, TX has been on the frontline encouraging real estate property owners and developers to always prepare for unseen eventualities. Here are some of the innovative tips that can help you better prepare for possible hurricanes when investing in beachfront property. 

Re-Evaluate Your Home Insurance

One of the most useful tips you can use to prepare for hurricane season is re-evaluating your home insurance. You need to speak to your insurance agent and verify whether any extra hurricane damages will be covered. If you are required to pay for some additional amount for this to be done, you need to do it to be sure that everything has been settled. You need to seriously consider flood insurance as well.

Clear Branches and Trees Near Your Property

There is no doubt that trees are always welcome near our homes because they bring a cool aesthetic and shade. However, when it comes to hurricanes, trees are dangerous hazards that can cause some serious problems. Clear them and prune all the overgrown branches to eliminate possible hazards that can cause severe damages to your home. 

Conduct Roof Inspection

Your roof should be your first line of defense. Therefore, before the hurricane season starts, make sure you call a roofing company to inspect your roof and ascertain that everything is in proper condition. Replace all the damaged parts of the roof and make sure that it has been professionally reinforced to add some strength to withstand the forces of the hurricane. 

Sometimes you might need additional insurance to protect specific valuable items that a hurricane can damage. Texas Independent Insurance in Allen, TX will help you evaluate what is already covered and help you make the necessary provisions. Contact us today for more information if you are looking to invest in beachfront property.

How Does Condo Insurance Differ from Home Insurance?

When it comes to understanding the differences between home and condo insurance, the first and most important is that home insurance is designed to protect the inside and outside of your home from the dwelling itself to the land that it sits on, while condo insurance is only for your belongings and the interior of the unit. When you purchase a condominium, there are generally two insurance types that protect both your unit and the property – condo insurance and condo association insurance. An individual condo insurance policy covers the interior of your unit and your personal belongings, while an association insurance policy covers common spaces, the exterior, and the roof. The vast majority of owners will only need to purchase condo insurance as condo association insurance is purchased by the board, but keep in mind that a portion of your monthly dues likely goes towards the board’s insurance policy. 

When shopping for a condo insurance policy, do not skimp on the liability coverage. If a visitor like a contractor or delivery person is injured while inside your condo, then you could be sued for their medical bills and any other damages that they ask for. Consequently, having adequate liability coverage to protect your assets is imperative. Additionally, most people underestimate the value of their belongings, from clothes to electronics to computers. Still, you want to ensure that your personal property coverage is enough to pay for replacements of your high-value items should they be damaged due to a covered condo insurance claim.

When it comes to finding a condo insurance policy, and you are in the Allen, TX area, head to the business that your neighbors, friends, and family trust – Texas Independent Insurance. Our team of talented and friendly insurance professionals will help customize the perfect policy for your needs, so give us a call today to schedule a consultation. 

Three questions to ask before purchasing a home insurance policy

You need to research your situation and options before purchasing home insurance. At Texas Independent Insurance, there are some questions that we recommend that Allen, TX homeowners ask before buying a home insurance policy.

The following are three questions to ask regarding home insurance.

Should I get an actual cash value or replacement cost policy?

A cash value policy covers a home for the amount it was worth at the time of purchase minus depreciation. A replacement cost policy covers the house for its full original value without factoring depreciation into the equation. Actual cash value policies are generally less expensive. However, it may be worth it to invest more in a replacement cost policy if a claim eventually needs to be filed. 

What types of damages do I need to have covered?

Every home is unique. Some households require more coverage than others. For example, you’ll need to add on more coverage for natural disaster damages if you live in a flood zone. Consider the unique damage risks your home faces when deciding what coverage types you need to purchase. 

How can I save money on my home insurance?

Home insurance will be a recurring expense that homeowners must cover every month. As such, it’s a good idea to do what you can to reduce home insurance costs.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to bring home insurance premiums down. Homeowners can lower home insurance costs by bundling multiple insurance policies with the same provider. For example, they may enjoy a discount if they purchase both home and auto insurance from the same provider.

Homeowners can also reduce costs by increasing their deductible amount or making home improvements that increase home security. 

If you’d like to learn more about your home insurance options in Allen, TX, contact us at Texas Independent Insurance with your questions. 

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